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Can you predict the future?

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Can you predict the future ? I don’t know how many of us will certainly carry an umbrella in overcast conditions but I do believe that all of us hold a prediction port and keep it busy by predicting every now and then. We may or may not agree to the predictions made by every individual but everyone does predict the future . So I PREDICT that you too will keep predicting all your life, consciously or subconsciously, just like you would come back to see what my pen has “predicted” next.

My friend said, "I'll take a taxi and reach station by 10:00pm; so there will be no problem in catching the train at 11:00pm". I replied, "But what about the traffic jam? It may cause a delay." "Oh yes, traffic is an issue but I have already taken the delay into account.", he uttered with a straight face and queer tone; almost as if he wanted to suggest that he is not a fool and knew what he was doing . We shook hands as I bid him farewell, but his tone was still ringing in my ears.

How could my friend be so sure about reaching the station at right time? I wondered. Was he deducing on his past experiences or was he predicting something that he was not sure about. Confusion set in me. There might be a case that he has done some experimental calculations or statistical analysis that is not yet exposed to this world. Maybe!

There are numerous things in this world about which we predict naively. Turn the pages of your book of life and you will find that to this date you must have made uncountable predictions. Just like my friend’s “prediction” you may have done the same. Though no one can prove, or be sure, that how things would turn out but we know that the thing is going to happen the way me have thought and uttered.

Think as far back as you can, probably as far as one of those thousand days of school life. There may had been a day when you went to school without completing your home assignment and you might have said to your friend, “Today the teacher will make me stand out of the classroom”. Let’s not judge how lucky or unlucky you were to get kicked out or not but spare a thought: how you could be so sure that you WOULD stand outside, when there were other possibilities too. Even though chances may sound very slim but there still was a chance of your teacher being absent or deciding to check the assignment some other day. But still a prediction was made.

I have heard loads of predictions in our country every now and then. Our country being a cricketing shrine makes each and every follower of the game a predictor. Take any form of the game, whether a 20-20, a one day or a test game and you will find the “disciples” predicting the results. They start doing it months before the game and carry on doing so till the last moment before the match ends. After all, if not all, some of them must have some logic behind all such predictions. More like predicting and preparing oneself prior to an event. Almost like carrying an umbrella before leaving one’s house on a cloudy morning.

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