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Is lagna important or Rashi in astrology?

In this video we will discuss what is Lagna in kundli? and is Lagna important or Rashi in birth chart? Lagna signifies the physical appearance and Rashi is based on the moon in the birth chart. Hence, the importance of both goes hand in hand and should be looked while analyzing the birht chart of an individual.

Topics covered in hindi:

1. What is lagna in kundli?

2. What is rashi?

3. is lagna important or rashi?

4. Significance of lagna in birth chart

5. lagna or rashi which is important

6. lagna rashi meaning in hindi

7. lagna rashi

8. ascendant in hindi

9. lagna meaning

10. what is lagna in astrology

11. lagna kya hota hai

12. difference between lagna and rashi in hindi

13. difference between ascendant and moon sign in hindi

14. lagna aur rashi mein antar


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