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Nadi dosha gets cancelled in 95% horoscope match in astrology, how?

We will learn how to do Nadi Milan in ashtkoot milan method of Vedic Astrology. We will also look into various combinations which lead to nadi dosha cancellation in hindi. Nadi dosha gets cancelled in more than 95% match making. Hence, we should avoid mistaking software as an astrologer.

In this video I have covered the following:

  • What is nadi dosha in hindi?

  • Effects of nadi dosha?

  • Nadi dosha and its relavance in medical astrology

  • Nadi dosha cancellation in hindi

  • Easily calculate Nadi dosha

  • How to calculate Nadi dosha

  • How nadi dosha gets cancelled in most of the cases?

  • Points of nadi dosha in ashtakoot milaan

  • Nadi dosha parihar

  • Nadi dosha kab nahi lagta

  • nadi dosh k parihaar

In this series of videos we will look at what is meaning of kundli milan in vedic astrology? When we do match making in astrology, what are the common mistakes we do in process of astkoot milan. In the series we will also look at various dosh in astrology which we should consider while matchmaking of horoscope charts. We will also discuss if the classical method of matchmaking in astrology commonly known as astkoot milan or kundli milan is sufficient or not in the new age. Online matchmaking portals or software gives us fast and free results (most of the times). However there are some rules which are counted as exception and are not part of software calculations while matchmaking. The series would include doshes like bhakoot dosh, gan dosh, grah matri, nadi dosh and mangal dosh. We will also look into the case of matchmaking in love marriages. Should we consider match making in love marriages or not? At the end of this series you will be able to verify the match making results a software produces and check any cancellation of a dosh can be considered or not. Overall the objective of this video is to bring awareness and enable folks to do easy kundli milan on their own.


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