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Kaunsa gold khareeden ? gold, egold or jewellery? Secret of Gold Investment in Astrology

Today we have variety of gold investment opportunities available in the market. Traditionally people used to buy physical gold and keep it in home or bank lockers. These days we have option to buy digital gold, sovereign gold bonds and egold. In this video we will discuss about what is gold and investment in gold as a potential with astrology perspective. An insight on shubh muhurth to buy gold is important based on the type of gold we decide to buy.

Following are few points in have covered:

1. Gold is metal of sun

2. Other planets to check before buying gold in different format

3. Shubh muhurth to buy gold

4. importance of muhurth to buy gold

5. Jewellery as option to buy gold

6. Investment in gold coins

7. Investment in gold online

8. Buying Sovereign Gold Bonds

9. Gold does not suits everybody

10. Who should buy gold

11. What happens if gold is bought in wrong muhurth


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