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Simply AstroLogical

Experience Vedic Astrology with 21st century approach i.e. using modern methods and techniques. Classics of Astrology when correlated with new era scientific calculations can give true meaning to divine energy secrets.

Experience Vedic Astrology

Let's come together and decipher the secrets of Vedic Astrology!

Vedic Astrology is 5000 years old depth of knowledge which is carried forward by saints and gurus in its purest form. Jyotish is based on 3 pillars - mathematics, logical analysis & predictions.

Various principles of Astrology can be adopted in day to day life to connect with the divine energy. Learning some easy & basic techniques and methods can do away with the myths & fear created in the world. 

Insightful Articles

Read Enlightening Articles which are based on research and experience gained with day to day practical study.

Astrology for All

You can learn various areas of astrology by watching these videos on youtube. Subscribe to the channel to get posted for latest updates.



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